Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Bloodshot Dark

In this dark room
Where light lamps me sore
Salt and steel
You waft the tide
Drawing its flow
Cradling its ebb the creeping healing
That shades our burning eyes
From the blinding flash of the sudden
And tunes our ears to the throb of earth

Swollen livid muscles glutted with pain
Feel the silk touch of your gentling
Nerve-wrack weak
You catch my stumbled weight
On the lavendered linen-cool of care

Beyond my crozzled corners
The synapses out of sync
Your steady warm word whispers “Home”

Lord, where I am unsteady
Ground me.
Where I am burning,
Cool me.
Where I am fragile glass
Strengthen me
Where I am weak
Be my quiet strength
Pace me at your steady step
Soothe and strengthen
Through the bloodshot dark.

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