Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Palm Sunday prayers

Hosanna, Saviour, Hosanna!
Blessed is our King who comes in the name of the Lord!
Peace in Heaven and Glory in the highest!
Hosanna in the highest!

Lord, there are times when to shout out praises is so easy and natural,
Our souls are singing!

Holy Spirit of Jesus, You rain down God’s Shekinah,
Lighting up our hearts with praises!

Lord God, You seek us out to worship You and walk with You,
You draw us, not drive us
To worship You!

Your Spirit seeks out our spirit,
Your Spirit searches our spirit,
Your Spirit calls to our spirit
In Spirit and in truth.

Lord, we want no gods before You,
Purify our praise!
Punctuate our preoccupations
With the whisper of Your Word, made flesh in our Jesus!
Lord, we adore You,
We want to draw closer still to hear You speak to us!

Lord Christ, lead our worship here today
As You gather us into fellowship and freedom;
In silence, in praise,
Lord wash us with worship!
May we practise Your presence,
Pray without ceasing,
Prepare for Your gifting,
Be gleeful to gather as one in Your name,
Depend on You, wholly!
May the giggles of our children,
The stage-whispers of our toddlers,
The bouncing energy of our youth
The quiet wisdom of our elders
Enrich and enrapture our worship!
Lord, we come before You as Your family!

Lord, when our hearts feel barren and dry,
When our lives seem to jar against joy,
Worship can feel like sacrifice;
This sacrifice we offer You.
We come before You, expecting;
We gather before You, trusting;
We wait in simplicity for Your touch.
Lord of change and challenge!

Lord, impel us forward into Your adventure!
Not Dr Whos or Wonderwomen,
But Your Spirit-filled followers to unchartered waters,
Where You help us fish deep, deep, deeper
For Your Priceless Pearl of new life!

Send us, Lord Jesus, out into Your reality,
Your messy, complicated, wonderful world,
With all the rich resources of Your Holy Spirit,
The Spirit of our Saviour, who taught us how to pray:
[Lord's Prayer]

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