Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Lord, already listening and loving,
leaning in close to hear us, You astonish us,
That You don’t just listen,
waiting for something more important to come along;
You don't just listen, in the hope we’ll get it all perfect this time;
You don't just listen, suffering our stammerings;
You lean closer, closer, tenderly, joyful to hear all prayers from the hearts of Your children!

You watch us with eyes of pure love,
Delighting to see us toddling or stumbling forward into Your arms!
No hesitation, now Lord,
We come with everything we have and all we are
into Your awesome presence.

So many things distract us,
So many worries we won't leave with You
Because although deep down we know we can't,
We imagine we can carry all our heavy burdens in secret from You!

Lord, we confess:

Prayer changes things
And change is so scary!

Life creator,
Life changer!
Father, we creep closer, under Your wings,
In the stillness, we feel Your heartbeat,
Transforming our own, pacing us, protecting us
May our hearts beat right now with the rhythm of Your Holy Spirit

Gathered into Your graciousness,
What a privilege to pray together!
Gathered and blessed, together
We adore You!
We need more of You!
Precious Lord Jesus,
We want to want more of the things You want!
We'd so love to love more of the things You love!
We desire to desire what You desire!
Help us through prayer to build Your future with You!
Fill us, freshen us,
Help us see Your breathtaking world from Your point of view,
To see everything as Your gift, Your grace, Your challenge, Your opportunity!

God of lonely places and loud ones!
God of safe places and sticky ones!
God of the bouncy and the battered!
God of the difficulty and the dream!
God of each and every one of us,
We praise you, and open our lives for your transforming touch
More than special to share!

Gently seek whatever stands between us,
And unblock our lives with the sweep of Your Spirit!

As we feel and celebrate here Your power of prayer pulsing through our world, Your kingdom,

Awesome Saviour,
As Jesus taught us, so we pray together: [Lord's Prayer]

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