Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Guide me, soul-searcher Spirit,
Lead me, by guiding grace
Into the way You’ve woven,
Intuitive whisper of truth!

Where we stumble on through consensus or pressure
Where we swerve or backpedal through drifting or driving
Align our actions to Your will

In meetings where we love our own sassy voices,
In gatherings where we control or ossify
In cliques where we self-select alliances,
In rooms where we rush to crush, dismiss or diss
the opposition, the awkward, the outsider;
Deliver us from dawdling,
Save us from straying away.

How to know Your will, Lord?
Right or wrong?
“Only one way to find out – fight!”
“Heads or tails”…

As we walk the walk Your way,
So talk the talk, sweet Spirit,
Compass and Sat Nav of purity,
Tracking our path
Nudging to true our travel

Open the skylight to Heaven, the mind of Christ!

Spirit-saturated and empowered
May we seek and follow
Tracing through cloud and fire our shared life’s journey
Obedient to the Shepherd’s tones of love.

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