Tuesday, 4 May 2010


You made us simple
Delighting with childlike joy in our Father

But we’ve wrapped our lives in contortions
Complicating a cobweb of masks
Where our faces should be
A spaghetti of crosswise plans and schemes
Busy business buzzing
To make meaning so we matter

I’m so sucked in, invested in things!
Gently help me untangle myself, Lord;
I’m weary yet cosy in lugs and knots
Gainful, grasping when all in You is gift!

Mend my muddle, Lord,
Unpeel the onion skins of my defences,
Breathe through the prickly hedge of my pretences,
Wake that trust in You inside
Like the lilies and grass of the fields,
The sparrow whose feathers You’ve counted

Tenderly prise my fingers
From things gripped too close and too tightly

Help me declutter and downsize
So there’s more and more room for You!

Lodestone and compass of my soul’s journey,
Jesus, free me to dance, to be simply Yours!

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