Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Risen, triumphant Lord Jesus,
You ARE the good news of great joy
The one who has died and been raised triumphant
To bring life for all people!

Lord, may Your joy be in each and everyone,
That Your joy may overflow and be complete!

You are the good news that the poor are hearing!
You are the freedom that the captives are receiving!
You are the overwhelming sight that the blind are seeing!
Lord of all joy and Jubilee!

The Stone is rolled away, and the debts are cancelled!
The curtain’s ripped in two, and enslaved ones find release!
The Kingdom without end is glimpsed at Your rising!

Alleluia! Christ is Risen indeed!

The Conquering Lamb’s new life dances celebration into our hearts;
The Risen Son’s unstoppable reign laughs celebration into our lives!

Lord, we need fear no emptiness, need fear nothing,
Filled with the calm ecstasy of Your presence!

Joy of God’s heart, Jesus, come into Your Kingdom!
Joy, the fruit of Your Spirit,
Fill us and free us to celebrate You!

In the strength and limitless energy of Your joy,
We bathe and are blessed to give ourselves wholly to You!

Not bypassing the misery of suffering;
Not sidestepping the agony of the garden;
Not avoiding disappointment of expectations;
Not trampling on the fragile or the broken,
Not shortcutting the Hell of Sin and Death,

Alleluia! For us, Christ is Risen indeed!

Lord, we celebrate You,
We celebrate your death defying love for Your world and Your people;
May we sing You, play You, laugh You, dance You,
Paint You, craft You, preach You, love You,
Serve You, share You, celebrate You
With everything that we are,
With everything we can be,
Through everything You have won for us!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Jesus, our Lord, the Christ is Risen indeed!

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