Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I love to be
The boss of me
I love to be in control!
Me first! I’m right! I shan't! I might!
I know my rights from my driving seat!

“God helps those who help themselves”
“Charity begins at home”
Did Jesus say these? I wish he had!
But now I come to look-
My bad!

I’m so scared to lose my identity;
I’m sweet, or a doormat, but when it suits me!
Help me find who I could be in You:
Free to be bettered and bested,
Free to give, give away and give way
Free from the chains of my ego
From what others may think or say,
To be servant yet free as You teach us to be,
Spirit, spring-clean my hiding place through!

Teach me, Lord, your cross-life
Turning the world upside down,
Teach me, Lord, submission
Topple my home-made crown!

To yield and submit,
At Your feet let me sit
Towel and bowl passed between us
Self denial isn’t losing my place in it all
But finding my true place in Jesus.

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