Tuesday, 4 May 2010


The world’s pounding, shrieking, nagging, quick, close, loud, shouty, waggy-fingered, sense-surrounding, bouncing off the walls, come-hithering, sniggering, look I’m over here in your face, plug and play, all dazzling and drumming fingers, frittering, fashing, fighting

My Lord
My God

Centre of all creation
Centre of Love
Centre and still me
Jesus focus
Focus my drowning and dithering till I can see you
Only you

Word of life, reorder my rhythm till I fall focussed into your footsteps

Well of warmth in the scatter of storms, still me

Rooted rock in the whirlpool of waste, reclaim my restlessness.

Let me meditate on you
Meditate in me

Let me sink and snuggle into your radiance
So when you lift me to my feet, refreshed
I can walk with you through demanding doorways
Walk with you through
And through you share life’s depths

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