Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Faith & Fast

Fogged with overfeed
Self satisfied
Satiated with surplus
I’m still hungry for You

Chasing in empty circles
On automatic pilot
I keep missing the whisper of need
Give me the thirst, Lord
That‘s only quenched by You

Show me
What controls me?
Which tastes, textures, flavours
Sights, sounds, addictions
Seductive commercials, distracting diversions
Short-circuit me from Your presence,
Have me goggle-eyed and drooling
What enslaves me?

Lord, free me as I set aside
My heart’s quietened life for You to fill

Detox my greed

Fasting at Your whispered call
From the fast food of false security
Of doing, chewing, staring, chattering,
Feed me deep, deeper now
With Your nourishment of love
Stripped for a heartbeat’s space of my false cravings
Open me, Lord, to receive
Your precious provision, the milk and honey,
The manna of Your grace

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