Thursday, 24 March 2011

Do TWO coos, Paddy: the love of two Woodpigeons

Here's lookin at you ,  kid!

Woodpigeons are having a high old time at the moment! This pair spent most daylight hours for the last couple of days wooing each other. Well, Lady Woody fed herself up, ready for egg-laying and Mr Woody followed her round, rolling his bloated crop and tummy on the grass while "mooning" his back end where he hoped she might notice!

Ignore him, he might go away     
Like the Collared Doves I blogged about yesterday, there was plenty of shouting the odds today.
The Collared Doves do a relatively genteel: "U-ni-ted! U-nit-ed! U-ni-ted! U-ni-ted!"
The Woodpigeon's usual chant goes more like: "Do TWO coos, Paddy! Do TWO coos, Paddy!"
No wonder the missus looks like she doesn't want anybody telling her how many coos to do!

"Better spruce myself up...oooh! Where's me head gone?"

Lots of preening went on. Nobody seemed all that impressed.

Right, blow this for a game of soldiers, I'm legging it!

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