Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Catfish growing old disgracefully!

Lady J shows her age. Don't we all some days?
Lady J (name changed from Jethro when I discovered she was female as she matured!) is beginning to show her age. After years of regular egg laying, she's no longer quite as frisky. She's getting a bit grey about the gills. Her dorsal fin's showing signs of wear. She likes to sit under the filter lately rather than dancing with her boyfriends! Even Napo Corys have their twilight years. She's pushing four years old after all!

But you're never too old for a cuddle. Jesse nuzzles up to Lady J for a kiss-me-quick on the barbels!

Jonty thinks he's ageing pretty well for an old bloke!

Jocasta's not so sure: "Are those age marks or beauty spots?"
Meanwhile, in the background, the rest of the aquarium crew party on regardless. Life's too short for regrets when you're a tropical fish!

Left to right: Kenton & Kelita (Cardinal Tetra); Tobit (Black Harlequin Rasbora); Thirza, Throstle, Thistle and Thekla  (ordinary Harlequins) shoaling for the fun of it Romi (extreme left centre of shot) and Rother (bottom centre), Rummynosed Tetra who were hiding in the previous shot! Erm...and Thalassa, blurred with speed, the other male Harley!    

Sam the Red Dwarf Gourami; never made it to old make happy hay while the (artificial) sun shines, gang!

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