Monday, 19 September 2011

TMBG's new Cloisonné video: Suits Me!

Oh boy!

This is so worth the wait.

TMBG haven't made an official music video showing all of them, faces and instruments and all their lovely selves since 2001. That was for their Grammy winning Malcolm in the Middle theme song "Boss Of Me" which depicted them becoming the disposable playthings of the kids in the show.

In that video they got pelted by paint balls and Flans was dumped in the trash. Could have put them off making videos featuring themselves for the rest of their natural lives!

We're blessed that they're back with a vengeance. In smart and sexy suits, too, looking and sounding the absolute bees knees!

They've re-recorded Cloisonné, one of the finest, if not THE finest song ever to emerge from Mr Flansburgh's creative imagination, in the key of D. So instead of just the familiar version from new album "Join Us", we get a fabulous brand new recorded version to enjoy.

What's a sleestak? If you don't know by now, treat yourself to an education courtesy of the lovely Johns!

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