Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Missing a treat?

"Everything glowed with a gleam.
Yet we were looking away" (Thomas Hardy, "The Self Unseeing")

I went out with my camera into the garden today, hoping to capture the technicolour tulips. They've only just begun to flower. At the weekend they were being modest. Slim buds giggling in corners for the wind to nudge and snigger over. Now they're splaying their innermost secrets for the sunshine to smile into!


When I reached the gorse bush at the far end near the shed, I began to snap the blossoms there, too. I cranked up the close-up macro focus...

It was only then I noticed the ladybird...

 We often focus on the showy ones. The ones who demand attention. The loud and the shouty things.

We risk missing the precious tiny things God's put there for us to delight in.

The loss is ours if we do. But we hear the echoes of our Father weeping with disappointment that his treat didn't make our day complete.

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