Monday, 15 December 2008

Intro-introvert - pinwheeling

That’s what we do, Enneagram 9w1s, Myers Briggs INFPs, known to the uninitiated as introverted beggars with added quirk! We “pinwheel” – a bit like kids who play with the wrapping paper instead of the toy. We think tangentially; one cog sets off another one that might not seem related. The clue is in the “seem”.

We don’t always say much aloud, but we write like our arm is attached where some prehensile tongue might have been. (What? Ugh!). We don’t always appear to get the plot (to you). We know more useless but compelling facts than a wiki. Annoyingly, we are genuinely tolerant, sunny and unshockable. We are the gentle types that keep the world semi-bearable and it’s likely you won’t have spotted this yet while fumbling for the fast food menu. We don’t usually put up landing lights round what we do, say or are, so you may have missed the runway in the past. But it might just be your loss and you wouldn’t want that if you’re half as fly as you think you are, by comparison. Well, don’t you? I think you do.

If you aren’t fired up about God's love, about ideas, words, family history, clocks, bicycles, dogs, compassion, the Ocean, Beech trees, Robinia pseudoacacia “Frisia”, The Pre-Raphaelites (the English Victorian Painter guys), John Linnell (not the English Victorian painter guy!), imagination, mango and pistachio ice-cream (not both together, but then…) and if some of your favourite cliches are: “We haven’t had a summer this year”, “You can’t be too careful…”, “Why don’t you get yourself a (“little”) car?” or “M.E.? You don’t LOOK ill…” then maybe I don’t believe in you either and you’d be better off reading a less left of centre blog. Your choice. But I'll respect you either way, so why not slot me in after the cryptic crossword?

Next time I will be mostly talking about…. something else. Something would be a start.

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