Friday, 19 December 2008

Advent 2008

From autumn damp to winter flake
From carnival boom to bust
The Advent dawn comes hammering home
One star the faint can trust

The soldier and and the struggler
Dream of base and bless
White knuckle rides that end in glides
Beyond the wilderness

Poinsettia plunged in darkness
To mimic tropic night
Offers brachts of satin blood
To liven solstice light

The scribbling hiss of tinsel
That frames the plasma screen
Shows cholera, fast and famine
Regret and might have been

Survivors of  invisible scars
That dogged the dying year
Are pressed to jest and jolly
To disguise the hack of fear

The road of best intentions
The streets that silent lie
The downturn and the difference
Wear denial's butterfly

But underneath the frozen
Lies the crocus trigger of hope
To light the cracks with tenderness
To christen and to cope

The grain of a tomorrow
When today is locked in grief
Will blossom in the brokenness
Love's fragile dauntless leaf

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