Thursday, 4 May 2017


Let's be honest.

We all know when I say I'm dog-sitting, it's really the dogs who think they're sitting me!

There really aren't any drawbacks to dog-sitting, only delights.

Well, handing them back can be a bit of a wrench, of course. But just seeing them happy when their owners return is enough to sweeten that parting. Makes for a woof-woof win-win.

Even the occasional puddle and the odd yap at unfamiliar noises in the night just add to the joys of having furry friends to stay for a week or two.

It's always good to have some expert canine company on hand to do the honours when:

a) the neighbour's hanging out her smalls unsupervised

b) the postie knocks and is reckless enough to push anything edible through the letterbox

c) the birds get just that bit too cocky on the patio

d) you're reenacting Bananarama's dance moves and singing 'Robert de Niro's waiting' as you make lunch!

Poor old Drooper the Wood Pigeon with the wonky wing has been chased off several times already this morning. The Lhasas sit, all butter-wouldn't-melt at the back door, waiting for Drooper to tuck in to the mealworms. As if at a hidden signal, they spring out at him as one, shoulder to shoulder, barking for England.

Drooper won't take the hint, though. Not our Dynamic Super Droop. He sits on the clothes post, wing trailing, until a crescendo of woofs drives him off back up into the Ash tree again to await the next kick-off of that extreme sporting contest of Dog v Pigeon.
Little does he know.
They'd likely only lick him into submission if they caught him.

I was watching a comedy show the other night, with the dogs. As I was rolling about helpless with tears of laughter streaming down my face, one look from a puzzled Lhasa told me they thought I'd completely taken leave of my senses.

That's the doggone delights of dog-sitting for you.

With one quizzical cock of the head, they can remind you to act your age not your shoe size.

Then, legs splayed, tails in the air, they can invite you to play, not to take life too seriously.

Some say laughter's the best medicine. I like to take mine with a dose of dog to have maximum therapeutic effect!

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