Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Arianrhod's silver wheel
Caught in nets of purpled cloud
Birch suffused with shiver of steel
Glass castle and ring of flame

Keening over the spinning souls
Locked to earth by a chain of tides,
Sunset bruised the horizon rolls,
Never static and never tame

Now the velvet has bound her eyes
Kissed her lids with its violet shade
Night's birth is the day that dies
Whispered colours her fabric's frame

Speeding on through the radiant dark
Starflake piercing insomnia's gloom
Kirtles herself in rainbow's arc
Free of border and without name

(Joyce Barrass 2016)

Photographs of the Full Buck Moon rising over Wickersley Wood, South Yorkshire, UK and sunset in the western sky on the hottest day of the year, taken by the author and viewable in full HD over on  Joyce's Flickr where you can always find her photos of the Moon, clouds, birds, wildlife, natural world, passing aircraft, Yorkshire scenery and lots more of her passions and peculiarities. Her historical novel "GOATSUCKER HARVEST" is part of her lifelong lyrical lovesong to her native Yorkshire roots and is available from Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.

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