Thursday, 22 October 2015

Seagulls are aggressive: DO NOT FEED THEM - a poem

Gulls like trolls
Are aggressive
Do Not Feed,
There's no need

Your eyes from their gaze
Feign indifference
To belligerent ways

Keep your sandwich
In its wrapper
Don't share your battered
Cod or scratchings

Bullying hatchlings
Line the harbour wall
Let them be
Bellicose by the sea

Crumbs of comfort
Hidden away cos
Giving in to giving
Makes them more pugnacious


While Brid Corporation
Isn't spying or judging
I fling a spare crust
In healthy high dudgeon

Catch the truculent gull
In a snap for posterity
Beak full of bread
Defying austerity

(c) Joyce Barrass 2015


  1. Thanks, Kimmie! Glad you enjoyed it! <3 XXX

  2. Excellent poem, Joyce! Love the video version too. Great stuff, lass! �� ��

  3. Thanks, Joy! Our mental trip the seaside on a chilly Autumn day! ;) xxx