Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cher-tee Tee-cher

Sun has blown the top off winter
Letting the shock chills through

Among the twigs, Great Tits
Spritzing and spooling

Learning a new generation's brogue
Lisping "Cher-tee" "Cher-tee"

While perched over gravestones
The parent birds tut

"Tee-cher" "Tee-cher"
Best learn this quick

Before hawk and kestrel
Hear callow tweets and tango

Down from the blue all talons
To take your fragile feathers

Fresh from the egg and nest

Lilting the timeless song
With sore thumb variations

But the babies flitter up bickering
Through razor edge pearl hard air

Tonguing their mutant rhythm
Play twig-tag, risk and skip

Wondering if the tower is heaven
Or just another tree

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