Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Card for all my friends and followers - hope this makes you smile!

Well, I've finally posted, tweeted, emailed, facebooked, delivered and dispatched my 200-odd (some VERY odd!) Christmas cards for this year.

I don't want my visitors here on my "Pinny" blog to miss out.

"So," in the words of Noddy Holder, "here it is, Merry Christmas!"

May the blessings of love, hope and the gentle trustworthy innocence of the Christ Child warm your heart and make your Christmas complete as you move through this special season. 

Don't let's look at all that's wrong in this world without pledging to try and be part of the solution. For myself, I can only do that in the light of all that Jesus continues to do with me, and through his grace. I'm not very promising material. None of us is, I guess we can agree. That's why I believe he came here. Why he was called by the name "Immanuel", "God with us". Because he doesn't give up on me or turn away, fed up at my mistakes and rubbish moments. He never stops loving me, or believing the best in me.

I don't know if you believe this too. I respect you anyway. But like my Lord, all I wish is what's right for you in the coming days, whatever is truly the best for you and yours.

Love and blessings, guys!

Click here for your Christmas Card

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  1. Thank you for your gracious sentiments. A merry Christmas to you and yours too. You are very special, loved and respected.