Thursday, 18 August 2011

*************** FAN ****************


Eyes at stage level swivel swallowed giggle
Watch man bones close rocking zipper wriggle
Dream yourself liaison later wait for chorus
Up with crowd pogo lunge inner fangasm
Mind's thrill spilling all to blog buddies
Snatch his blind impersonal smiles closer
Figure dinner for two you and him only
Strike cut to chase fumble and stammer
Like he does when you echo his mutter

After you centre meant to memorise
The smell of shirts and strings things in lyrics
He whispered lip on lobe to only you
Stumbling but skipping through the shock night
Back to bedroom void annoyed no encore

Replay rewind loop spins some flickery fanfic
You dream you haven't written given mirror
Are you him now or your own shy self?
Aorta thumping wrists still slamming
Confetti stuck in your hood floods
Flutters into cupped body space
Where you crush it to your lips and weep
With joy except it tastes like stricken

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