Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Baby hedgehog's mealworm munchtime

Nom nom nom! Must admit, the dried mealworms I put out for the birds do smell surprisingly appetising! I scatter them on the raised pebbled border just outside my back door.

The yummy smell comes as a bit of a surprise, actually. It's in direct contrast to the infernal stench of the "Maggot Factory" at the end of my lane when I was growing up, where maggots were bred for the fishing and angling trade. The horrific stink that wafted over the fields to my house at the edge of the village was truly gut-wrenching on hot summer evenings!

But these days, I didn't realised these little dried buddies' aroma would attract the baby hedgehog so close to the house. This delightful close enclounter happened yesterday lunchtime. I saw the little hedgehog toddling along towards me over the concrete patio. As I went out with my mobile phone to capture him on camera, keeping downwind so he wouldn't ball himself up in fright, he clambered up onto the mealworm-scattered pebbly "bird table."

There his little face took on an expression on bliss. Gourmet fare! All for free! The photos here show him enjoying his outing to my humble local restaurant. One of his parents visited again in the afternoon, but didn't venture quite so close. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh these are perfect. What a treat. I love it. Made me laugh about the smell of the meal worms, I put some out yesterday and thought the same. A lovely roasted smell wafted out of the container. I might put some on the ground now that you've had this visitor and see who comes along. However, I have to be careful. Had a little tragedy last week. We've been in drought and everyone in the garden was thirsty. Then the rain came and filled an old ceramic flower pot. Sadly the next day, a whole family of bank voles had drowned in it. I couldn't believe it looked like the mother had taken her kits for a drink and they fell in. It was soooo sad but I will be more careful in future.

    Have just set up a wildlife pond in the orchard and can't wait to see who sets up home. So far it's just the mosquito larvae which is the beginnings of a food chain.

    Thanks again for these delightful photos.